About 100 Groundnut

The African entrepreneur is unique in the sense that the opportunities to solve problems are endless while the very basic infrastructure and financial resources to support said developments are non-existent.

We at 100 Groundnut believe the solution is an integrated platform that provides a complete ecosystem, which includes financing and incubation services. We believe that the uniqueness of the African marketplace requires a shift in thinking and this means that a new kind of investment style would be required.

100 Groundnut was founded upon the recognition of this shift. We do not think of ourselves as money managers. That is not to say we are not tireless and competitive. Nor does it mean that we do not intend to have a big fund. In fact, we are ruthless negotiators, aggressive businesspeople, and have no allergy to disproportionately large returns. However, we recognize that capital is not that important to the early triumph of an African startup company. Much more vital in the inaugural days is collaborating side by side with a founding team that controls its own destiny.

Entrepreneurs who are empowered by seasoned advisors, but free to frame achievement for themselves, are much happier. This inevitably shows in their products and the growth of their user bases and revenues.

We want to create an environment where teams can obsess over user experiences, and customer happiness. Along with relatively small amounts of money, we give them the time, attention, and the empathy that catalyze winning outcomes for all involved. Rolling up our sleeves alongside portfolio companies, we help design front pages, invent new services, prioritize product features, negotiate partnerships, and deal with the everyday professional and personal challenges of startup life.

At 100 Groundnut we enable startups, fuel the ambitions of our entrepreneurs, help them grow as people, and marvel at the audacity of their insistence upon changing the world. We measure the result of our efforts not just by the multiples we aim to return, but by the pride each of us can take in what our companies build, the admirable individuals our entrepreneurs become, and the happiness they bring to us all.

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